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Hands at Work’s vision is to see the local church in Africa transforming their communities and caring for the most vulnerable. We are committed to working among the poorest of the poor communities in Africa. The work of community transformation in such broken communities with extreme HIV/AIDS, poverty and orphan crises begins with mobilizing local Christian leaders through mentorship, teaching and modelling the vision of Christ’s way of servanthood and unity among the local churches. This ongoing mentorship includes organizing and equipping local Christian leaders to effectively provide care for the most vulnerable children, ensuring them access to basic food security, education and health. Hands at Work’s mission includes developing partnerships with churches outside Africa and creating opportunities for their congregation to participate in God’s work serving and caring for the most vulnerable in Africa. The primary goal of this partnership is to build relationships between congregation members and the vulnerable adults and children being served on the ground. Together with caring for the most vulnerable.

Tommy and Morgan Malster

Our stories may have started off in different parts of the world but God’s hand has been on us every step of the way. Our journey is one of grace, adventure and love. Love for each other, our Creator and the life He has called us to. Morgan arrived in South Africa in August 2010 after first coming on a Westside team in 2008. Tommy arrived in February 2010 from the UK. We fell in love and were married in May 2013. Together we have travelled to many African countries, witnessing the brokenness but also the hope in the communities we serve. See our blog for more details.

We often have teams going to South Africa to take part in this work. If you would like to keep up to date with what they are doing, or what they have done, click on the link below for the latest news. Also, if you would like to be part of this work, let somebody in the church know.