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 Our July services are all from 1 Thessalonians; 

  Preacher Passage Title
5th Carolyn Love 1Thess 1:1-10 A faith that works
12th Emma Bowyer 1Thess 2:1-16 A love that labours
19th Doug Barnett 1Thess 2:17-3:13 A longing that serves
26th Rev.A.Sankey 1 Thess 4:1-12 A life that Pleases God


In August we will move from 1 into 2 Thessalonians;

  Preacher Passage Title
2nd Carole Almond 1Thess 1:1-10 A hope that endures
9th Margaret Brock 1Thess 5:12-28 A spirit that rejoices
16th Rev. D Thompson 2Thess 1:1-12 The Lord's Judgement
23rd Rev.A Sankey 2Thess 1:2-17 The Lord's coming
30th Paul Walker 2Thess 1:3-18 The Lords faithfulness


We are also excited to offer an opportunity for discussion, or perhaps just tea or coffee (bring your own tea or coffee!!), immediately after our Sunday morning service.

You will just need a computer or tablet with a microphone and, ideally, a camera. We would love to have you come along any time after about 11.15am for some live conversation.

If you would like to join in please follow the link below and use the Zoom meeting ID and password shown....oh and if you don't already have Zoom membership you can join straight from the same link. It's easy! 

Meeting ID Password
892 1478 3795 051600